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I had an amazing experience with Tekzop Marketing Agency.The quality of leads they provided was top-notch. surpassing my expectations. Yash’s expertise and dedication have delivered outstanding results from day one. I highly recommend working with Yash and Tekzop for their exceptional lead generation services.


Yash and his team at TEKZOP are true professionals. They provide great service and are accurate in the representation of leads that they provide. They are a great choice for a lead resource!

Devan Milo

I was a bit hesitant on starting my project with Tekzop as I have been dropped multiple times by multiple agencies, but these guys are exceptionally professional and delivered a lot more than my expectation…

Pablo Umana

Yash is a true internet marketing and lead generation expert. We’ve worked together for over 2 years, and his results speak for themselves. His ROI is incredible, and he delivers it quickly. I appreciate his professionalism, responsiveness, and strong sense of ownership.

Haissam Massoud

Our pipeline has increased by 20% and our conversions have doubled. Tekzop has saved my department tremendous amounts of time and enabled us to launch campaigns that are very successful

Guido Croce

I’ve enrolled over 600 people in the past 5 months through our health insurance campaign. Our Medicare Facebook ads campaign in Florida was also successful. Yash and the team at Tekzop have been readily available to make adjustments and improve performance. I’m pleased with their services and excited to continue working with this amazing team long term.

Gustavo Lacayo

101% exclusive.
No major contracts, ever.

Our services are completely exclusive to a specific client we sign up from a specific market. We never resell, share leads. You can pause, resume or terminate contract whenever you want to.

Between 5x-12x ROI despite of where your business is

The premier client acquisition systems across all the industries are designed to at least generate between 5x - 12x ROI despite of your industry or geography. We rely on big data analysis to create accurate judgements of the ROI.

Least opportunity cost, shortest sales cycle

Leads that convert faster than referrals and buy withing the shortest sales cycle possible. You will not be paying least opportunity cost.

Guarantee of quality and quantity

We generate, nurture and qualify leads multiple times to judge their quality and stage in the buying or selling process. When the timing is perfect – they are live transferred to you over a phone call.

Tekzop is known for quality

"Tekzop only sends the best of the best of the crap and it’s wonderful not having to speak with a lot of unqualified people."

- Diana, MA

"I’m really really glad that I found you guys, because I think it’s going to be a big hit for the company in terms of the sales."

Gustavo, FL

Frequently Asked Questions

We currently only serve US and Canada markets. The system is tested and proven in both of these markets to generate calculated results and ROI. We have not yet tested the system in Australia, Europe or Asia.

We generate leads using social media and search engine ads, with a skilled team of experts who nurture and leads and qualify them further til they are ready to buy or sell a property within 30 days. You do not have to speak with the lead until then. This system is designed to work effectively in 91.2% of the US Geography except West Virginia. 

The cost depends upon the industry, locations and business type. Depending on your geography this may be an investment between $4k – $6k as a monthly service fee depending on the market you are in. 

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Tekzop LLC, 1 E Erie Street Suite 525, Chicago, IL 60611, USA. Phone: (312) 548-1210.


Tekzop LLC, 1309 Coffeen Avenue STE 1200 Sheridan, WY 82801, USA.

Asia Pacific

Tekzop Technologies Private Limited, Mumbai, India MH 400051.

Tekzop LLC: Tekzop is registered in the United States Of America, registered company address: 1309 Coffeen Avenue STE 1200 Sheridan, WY 82801. Tekzop Limited: Tekzop is registered in England & Wales, registered company address: 167-169 Great Portland Street, 5th Floor, London W1W 5PF company registration number 13533348.

Tekzop Technologies Private Limited: Tekzop is registered in India, registered company address: MU Shirpur MH 425405 company registration number 346932 company identification number U72900MH2020PTC346932

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